• Bite-Size - small, easy to digest and use
  • Business - the shift from a side gig to a thriving business
  • Bullion - small bar or ingot of precious metal
  • Turn Your Solo Practice into a Big Business By Doing Less, Not More

    Learn how to leverage, scale, and grow your business by doing what you're great at and letting go with what you struggle with.

  • Each bullion will cover one new topic that will build your business.

    Step by step and brick by brick, you will grow your business, service, and income while at the same time reducing headaches, stress, and crappy clients.

  • Learn the Five Parts to Every Business

    Topics covered will include the 5 parts to every business, value creation, marketing, sales, value delivery, and finance

  • Short 30-minute Class Because You Are Already Busy

    In each class, we'll present one business principle, how it applies to building your business and how to use it immediately

  • Class Notes and Worksheets Emailed to You

    After each session, you will be emailed with notes and worksheets so that you can focus on the session and not feel left behind

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