• Do you yearn to rise above the fray?

    To lead with unwavering purpose and conquer life's challenges with the strength of a warrior?

    The path to true leadership lies within you, waiting to be unleashed. But the journey takes more than brute force; it demands wisdom, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to growth.

  • The Way of the Warrior and The Daily Dojo

    Our free digital program, Learn to Lead, and The Daily Dojo email crafted specifically for young men like you.

    This powerful 20-part series and daily insights unlocks the secrets to becoming a fearless leader and a self-assured warrior.

    1/ The Warrior-Leader Mindset: Unleashing the Champion Within
    2/ Beyond Fear: The Architect of Your Destiny - Building on the Foundations of Courage
    3/ Responsibility: The Cornerstone of Leadership - Building Your Reality, Brick by Decisive Brick
    4/ Self-Trust & Self-Love: The Inner Lighthouse - Navigating Life's Seas with Unwavering Belief
    5/ Challenging Yourself: The Forge of Growth - Tempering Comfort into Excellence
    6/ Vision & Mission: Charting Your Course - Setting Sail with a North Star in Your Heart
    7/ Prioritization & Planning: The Art of Saying No - Sculpting Your Day with a Master's Chisel
    8/ Time Management Ninja: Mastering Your Minutes - Unlocking the Secrets of Peak Productivity and Personal Fulfillment
    9/ Focus & Flow: Eliminating Distractions and Maximizing Concentration - Unlocking the Zen Master Within
    10/ Morning Rituals: Launching Your Day with Power - Igniting Your Spirit and Priming for Greatness
    11/ Physical & Mental Training: Forging Body & Mind - Building Resilience & Vitality for Optimal Performance
    12/ Conquering Procrastination: The Warrior's Approach to Taking Action - From Stagnation to Swift Execution
    13/ Persistence & Grit: Embracing the Challenges on Your Path - Navigating Obstacles with Unwavering Determination and a Growth Mindset
    14/ Effective Communication: The Art of Influencing and Connecting - Expressing with Clarity and Inspiring Action
    15/ Building Meaningful Relationships: The Leader's Tribe - Cultivating a Network of Support and Collaboration for Mutual Growth
    16/ Giving Back & Service: Leading with a Generous Heart - Sharing Your Knowledge and Making a Positive Impact on the World
    17/ Lifelong Learning: The Warrior's Quest for Knowledge - Embracing Continuous Learning and Expanding Your Skillset
    18/ Celebrating Successes: Reflecting on Lessons - Honoring Achievements and Gleaning Wisdom from Experiences
    19/ Resilience & Adaptability: Weathering the Storms of Life - Bouncing Back from Setbacks and Adjusting to Changing Circumstances
    20/ Maintaining Balance: The Leader's Well-being - Prioritizing Self-care and Nurturing your Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health

  • But take heed, young warrior

    Choosing stagnation over growth carries a heavy price. Without embracing the tenets of leadership and honing your inner warrior spirit, you risk:

    - Drowning in complacency: Watching life pass you by, unfulfilled and unchallenged.
    - Succumbing to fear: Letting self-doubt hold you back from your true potential.
    - Wallowing in regret: Looking back with bitterness, wishing you had taken the chance to become something more.
    - Failing to make a difference: Leaving the world untouched, your unique talents remaining buried beneath the sand of inaction.
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Choose The Way of the Warrior

  • As a leader in Human Capital Management and community building, my interaction with Charles Doublet has been transformative. Charles is not just proficient in his field; he's a catalyst for personal and professional growth. His unique approach to coaching has helped me unlock my true potential, guiding me to discover my own genius. The resources and insights he provided have been invaluable, fostering both clarity and direction in my endeavors. Charles combines professional expertise with a personal touch that inspires and motivates. His ability to drive meaningful change is evident in his leadership style, characterized by empathy and inclusivity. His impact extends beyond project success, nurturing growth and development in those he mentors. In recommending Charles, I do so with great enthusiasm and confidence. His contributions go beyond measurable outcomes, leaving a lasting positive imprint on both projects and people.
    David Leighton, CEO and President of WITI.com
  • I've seen firsthand how Chuck consistently supports and guides others to become more successful versions of themselves, often by sharing ideas and stories based on his rich life experiences. And more impressively, he does all this in a gentle, empathetic manner — which is key for anyone who coaches and teaches.
    Ian Chew, founding executive at Seminal, featured in Inc. Magazine, Fortune, CBC
  • I’ve really enjoyed working with Chuck and appreciate his willingness to roll up his sleeves to help elevate my thinking and achieve powerful results. With a fresh perspective, I’ve found him both a strong ally and collaborator in my work to explore counterintuitive thinking and expose blind spots. I enthusiastically recommend him as someone who has both his heart and soul in the game.
    Michael Propper, serial entrepreneur and VC Start-Up
  • Chuck has amazing powers. He is not only well-read but has an unbelievable ability to retain, index and synthesize that knowledge into carefully orchestrated steps for creating organizations, businesses like I’ve never seen. In just a short time, he not only understood my businesses and mission, but was able to come up with a step by step plan and more importantly, he cared enough and took the time to sit down and write to each of the members of my team. I love connecting with him on a regular basis. As the world goes through exponential technological change, we will see a surge in mid-career transformations and it is one of the hardest things to deal with as a middle-aged person. I am in the middle of this and Chuck does an amazing job planning for this for me and most of the people on our team.
    Joseph Jeong, serial entrepreneur, educator at MIT, and founder of EXLskils and FutureHack